Did you know that your lower back is key for strong abs?  The three poses below strengthen those hard-to-reach muscles, while also helping you get rid of belly fat.


1.    Forearm Side Plank

Put your right forearm on the floor, directly under the shoulder.  Upon lying down, put your left foot on top of your right.  Push the floor away using your forearm and foot to lift your hips away from the floor.  Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds, and then repeat on the opposite side.  This will help strengthen your hip, shoulders and waist.



2.    Twisted Core Pose

With your legs spread hip-width apart, lie on your back.  Tie a strap around your legs at your ankles.  Then extend your legs toward the ceiling, while pulling the strap taut with your legs throughout the entire exercise.  As you take your legs to the right and attempt to turn your belly button in the opposite direction to the left, exhale.  Then, inhale and bring your legs back up.  Repeat this from side to side, for at least 5 -10 rounds on each side.


3.    Side Plank Push Ups

Return to your position for forearm side plank.  Do the forearm side plank as you did for the first pose, but exhale as you let your hips slowly drop down 2-6 inches toward the floor.  Then inhale and lift your hips back up.  Do this 5 – 10 times, and then do the same on the other side.



Article Credit - Wellnessbin By Gwen Lucas