It is always best to find the root cause of disease.  The institution of Health Sciences CellQuicken is a leading edge device that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to detect abnormalities in cells and is used in clinics around the world. By detecting these abnormalities we can start to address the root cause of disease and not only the symptoms.  


A 30 minute food consultation to determine which foods you like and dislike in order to work out a meal plan that will help you reach your health goals.   Ideal consultation should you wish to lose weight, pick up weight, have diabetes or any food intolerances that may cause tiredness, fatigue and many more symptoms.  Easy, Achievable and Delicious Diet. 


Cannot make an appointment?  No problem - we can do an E-Consult in which you would complete a questionnaire providing me with basic information I need to make a well worked out recommendation of products.  We can also do the Nutritional Consultation via email so no worries there :)   Visit our online shop to order or re-order your products.


Full Body Massage, Back and Neck Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage, Reflexology Treatment or even Paraffin Wax Treatments.  Spoil yourself or a friend - alleviate muscle tension, tension headaches and body pain!  A massage not only releases muscle tension, it also gives a sense of belonging and release hormones that counteract the effects of stress.