Cannot make an appointment?  No problem - we can do an E-Consult in which you would complete a questionnaire providing me with basic information I need to make a well worked out recommendation of products.  We can also do the Nutritional Consultation via email so no worries there :)   Visit our online shop to order or re-order your products.


We will always do our best to assist you and provide you with the best possible solution that would work for you.  Yes E-Consult may not be the same as getting a CellQuicken test, blood test or actually seeing someone in person - but the information given will definitely improve your overall health and still be of benefit. 

We also do counselling to help you work through depression, emotional issues and alcohol or drug abuse through different techniques. To make a booking please speak directly to the office.

For more information on these services you can contact the office directly.

Thank You for considering me to be your health partner and coach