Colon Cleanse Package (Powder)

R 1035
Good and proper health starts with a healthy digestive system. This special combination of natural products helps restore the bacterial balance, alleviated bloatedness, IBS and other digestive issues while also providing essential fiber.

This Packages Includes:
ColoCLEAR Powder 500 g
Rafaa Live Probiotic Liquidd 500 ml
DiGEST Drops 100 ml
AllOVER Capsules 120's
MSM + Mg Liquid 200 ml

Did you know Good and Proper Health starts with a healthy digestive system? If your digestive system is not functioning optimally you are depriving the body of vital nutrients.

ColoCLEAR Powder 500 g
Magnesium is essential for proper metabolism. Supports muscle function in turn supporting peristaltic movements.

Rafaa Live Probiotic 500 ml
Live Probiotic to ensure digestive health. May help to reduce acidity in the body and is a mild detoxifier.

DiGEST Drops 100 ml
Herbs that support proper functioning of the digestive tract and help to alleviate ulcers and other digestive complaints.

AllOVER Capsules 120’s
Helps to alleviate parasitic infections and reliefs stomach cramps and bloatedness.

MSM +Mg Liquid 200 ml
MSM and Magnesium is always essential for a healthy lifestyle. Magnesium aids in digestion and msm alleviates inflammation


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