Colostrum Capsules 60's

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Colostrum is a versatile overall highly nutritious substance. It is essential for general well-being; especially its role in digestive health. May help counteract

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Autoimmune Disorders
Malabsorption Disorders

Al healthy digestive system assists the body to absorb nutrients better and subsequently aids health in general. The nutrients and vitamins found in colostrum may assist with – Relief of irritable bowel syndrome, Provision of all good bacteria and enzymes, helps the body transform fats into energy, maintains healthy nerve function (stress and concentration) . It is a Multivitamin Supplement without the side effects of a chemical vitamin supplement.

Colostrum aid in

Healthy skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes (sinus health)
Maintains healthy nerve functions (stress and concentration)
Bone health
Healthy digestive system
Counteracts rheumatoid arthritis
Calms hyperactive immune system (may assist with lupus)
Contains anti-bodies against polio
Counteracts bacteria and toxins in the blood and lymphatic system
Transports iron to red blood cells
Regulates the thymus gland
Slows some of the signs of ageing
Contains a protein that inhibits viruses
Contains three enzymes that oxidize bacteria
Promotes cell growth
Contains sulphur; which is a building block of protein

Active ingredients: 150 mg colostrum per capsule


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