Naturopathy sets out to restore health by addressing the underlying cause of ill health.

Combining science with a natural treatment approach, medical-grade natural supplements, nutritional and lifestyle advice is recommended to enhance your body’s natural healing response to restore health and vitality. Rather than focusing on one area of concern with a person, Naturopathy looks at the individual as a whole. This includes the physical body and the emotions. The naturopath helps to guide balance back to the body and the mind by using non-invasive and safe treatments.

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Naturopathy can be used to address:


    Skin Conditions

    Adrenal Fatigue

    Fertility Problems

    General Wellness

    Insomnia and Sleep

    Weight Management

    Fatigue and Low Energy

    Auto-immune Conditions

    Migraine and Headaches

    Thyroid + Metabolism problems

    Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

    Anxiety and other Stress-Related Symptoms

    Men’s Health – including prostate problems, impotency and more

    Digestive Problems – including IBS, Bloating/Flatulence, reflux and more

    Cardiovascular Problems – including high blood pressure and cholesterol

    Inflammatory Conditions – including arthritis, gout, musculoskeletal problems

    Women’s Health – Including PMS, Menopause, Endometriosis, PCOS and more

    Babies and Children’s Health – including tonsillitis, bronchitis and building their immune system