Why Life Slices Health and Wellness

As the name suggests - Life Slices - Life is like a cake - to bake the perfect cake you do not only have one ingredient.  There are many different aspects that form life as a whole.  Just as the body needs to work together like a well oiled machine - it needs the right vitamins, minerals, food, mind set and much more to function optimally. 

Your body is the only vehicle you have to achieve your life goals. ​A body in balance is a healthy body; a body out of balance is disease.​ We at Life Slices Health and Wellness would like to assist you in understanding and listening to your own body to achieve wellness and reach your goals.

 Take charge and overcome health issues by empowering yourself, understanding what family health issues you may be susceptible to and take action. Improve your energy levels, productivity and performance in the work place and at home!


About Us:

At Life Slices Health & Wellness we listen to you, we get a solution that will suit your needs along with the needs of your immediate family in order to find optimal health and wellbeing.   We are passionate about health and achieving it as naturally as possible by focussing on finding the root cause of disease and from there strive for optimal healing.

What we do and our Focus 

In our practice we have a trained naturopath that will consult with you as to what your life or health goals are. We use a Quantum Wellness device to do a full scan and see possible problem areas that will be discussed and addressed as needed. We assess your body as a whole, identify the areas that are out of balance, assess what the root cause of the imbalance is, and compile a plan of action to encourage the body back into its optimum health.