Rafaa® Live Probiotic Liquid

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Rafaa® may assist the body in regulating its pH balance, building the immune system and giving your body a natural detox. Symptoms that may be allevated by using Rafaa® as a daily supplement:

Chronic Fatigue
Immune Disorders
Digestive Disorders
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Rafaa® is a specialized mixture of live probiotics (good bacteria) and organic acids that our body desperately needs on a daily basis to keep itself healthy and energized. Rafaa® is specifically designed to help strengthen your immune system and regulate the pH balance in your body. Rafaa® is a natural Immunity Booster, Probiotic, Energy drink and reduces acidity in the body and is anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and wound healing.


This product contains the following:

   Probiotic Micro Organisms with 1.5 billion bacterial per 1 ml
      Lactobacillus Acidophilus
      Bifido-bacterium Longum
      Bacillus Laterosporus
   Amino Acids
   Fulvic Acid
   Humic Acid


Symptoms that may be alleviated by using this product:

   Heartburn and Stomach Cramps
   Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue
   Cravings for sweets or Carbs
   Constipation OR Diarrhea
   Skin Problems or Eczema
   Painful Joints or Arthritis
   Hormonal Problems
   Spastic  Colon
   Colds & Flu


Your health (immune system) and energy levels directly correlate with how much good bacteria reside in your digestive system. An estimate of over 400 different types of good bacteria in our stomach are responsible for the digesting of foods and the manufacturing of various vitamin B’s, which sustains us with energy.

We are supposed to naturally consume probiotics and organic acids within our daily diets, but due to the fact that most of our foods are treated for pests and insects, these good qualities in food has slowly faded away. Due to the all the chemical toxins found in food, our bodies are unconsciously, slowly being poisoned. This causes the good bacteria in your stomach to die, which weakens your immune system, causing various health issues like    infections and the flu.

Stress, bad eating habits and toxins in the body are some of the main reasons the good bacteria in your system die. This causes an increase of bad bacteria and parasites to reside in your system, which can cause numerous health issues like constipation, tiredness, Arthritis, depression, muscle and head aches, etc.

Rafaa® is specifically designed to help address these issues and get to work immediately in the body after consumption due to the fact that the probiotics found in Rafaa® are in a live form, prior to most other probiotics found in capsule (spore) form.

Unflavoured Rafaa® with no added flavourings for people with food allergies. Can be used orally or topically.


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